Meet Dr. Mahesh Patel

Dr. Mahesh Patel is the Owner & Founder of Deerwood Animal Hospital and has had experience working as a Veterinarian for 16 years practicing in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Dr. Patel was born and raised in Gujarat, India where he studied Veterinary Medicine at Gujarat Veterinary College. He moved to Canada in 1999, and then to the United States of America in 2004 with his family where he has had an extensive career in Veterinary Medicine and is licensed to practice in both Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Dr. Patel started off life in America working at the Women’s Animal Center, formerly known as Women’s Humane Society, in Bensalem, PA. He then transitioned to the Delaware County SPCA in Media, PA where he treated a variety of animals and became well-versed in Spay/Neuter surgeries, tumor removals, and shelter medicine. He has gone on to work in a variety of Veterinary Clinics spanning from State College in Central Pennsylvania to Rahway in Northern New Jersey. Dr. Patel worked exclusively with Greyhounds for 2.5 years at the National Greyhound Adoption in Philadelphia, PA. Greyhounds have since become his favorite breed of dogs.

Dr. Patel grounds himself through his Hindu faith and is a deeply spiritual man. He founded Deerwood Animal Hospital in 2017 in Hamilton, NJ selecting the location due to its proximity to the site of the BAPS Shri Swaminarayan Akshardham in Robbinsville, NJ. The Akshardham Project, upon its completion in 2022, will become the World’s Largest Hindu Temple.

Dr. Patel currently resides in Robbinsville, NJ with his wife, son, and their dog, Skittles. He spends his weekends and free time in the service of others seeking to live by his Guru’s, Pramukh Swami Maharaj, motto, “In the Joy of Others, Lies our Own.”