Digital X-Rays for Pets

Deerwood Animal Hospital provides pet owners with access to state-of-the-art imaging technology. Since animals can’t tell us the specifics about what’s bothering them, digital x-rays allow vets to provide comprehensive care to pets and get a better sense of their overall health. As valued family members, it’s important that our furry companions receive access to the best care available.

Benefits of Digital Radiology

If you notice your pet limping, nursing an injury, or just not acting like themselves, x-ray technology is a non-invasive way for vets to get a look at what’s going on inside their body. Deerwood Animal Hospital’s Antech DR System employs Innovet Smart DR, an upgrade over traditional x-ray technology used in the past.

The machine sends x-ray beams into the area of concern. Your pet’s bones absorb the beams, allowing us to capture images on a digital film.

Using digital x-rays allows us to:

  • Reduce the amount of radiation exposure for pets
  • Provide higher-quality images that give us a better sense of what’s ailing your pet
  • Easily share the images with other specialists called in to assist in your pet’s care
  • Create more comprehensive treatment plans
digital x-rays for pets

Putting Your Pet’s Health First

We understand that animals with an undiagnosed illness or injury may be in a great deal of distress. Our staff makes sure they are in a calm and comfortable state before we start any examination or procedure. Bring your animal family members in for a digital x-ray if:

  • You believe your pet has a bone fracture, dislocated joint, or injury from other trauma
  • You believe your pet has eaten a foreign object that’s causing them internal distress
  • You believe your pet has an undiagnosed medical condition like a tumor

Hamilton Township, NJ pet owners should bring their pet in for a digital x-ray and explain any concerns if you feel there is something wrong. Early treatment is key to achieving a better outcome if your pet has a broken bone, injury, or undiagnosed illness. Dr. Patel educates pet owners on the entire digital x-ray process, so they feel more empowered when it comes to their furry loved one’s care.

Schedule a Digital X-ray for Your Pet in Hamilton Township, NJ

The staff at Deerwood Animal Hospital treats every animal who comes into our facility as if they were family. If you need a digital x-ray for your pet or have any other concerns, set up an appointment today by calling 609-588-8075.